OUR CHALLENGE: Special Education
Our major challenge facing many cities, villages and others around the world is to improve how people in developing countries embrace life for a better future. These initiatives promote and create opportunities for self-development (auto-sufficiency). This initiative will be tailored according to people's needs. Intensive training is required to push to knowledge and thinking patterns that embrace simplistic understanding of life's daily problems and making decisions accordingly.

1. Women and children
Adults who lack inadequate schooling will be required to participate; therefore, elevating their education level. No fees will be required get tested for a good start and placement. Some restrictions will apply.

Once enter you cannot leave until you finish the selected program. This observation goes along with after school programs for regular students.
Most concentrations will take place on Weekend schools. They will consist of massive training and heavy schedules for reading, writing, math and skill of choice. At the commencement, we will bring these programs on a short scale (course for 0 to 3 months, 6 months or 9 months to 12 months) and assess people's educational levels.

2. Pygmies or forest people
Our duty here is a total inclusion of the forest people called or known as BATWA
They will be treated and share in the same privileges as women and children.
For the forest people, their culture and heritage will be protected.
Most of our assistance will be planned according to their needs and opportunities

3. Widows, orphans, bush wives, sex slaves and child soldier
This group is a result of national, ethnical and tribal wars. They will be allowed to participate and enter in these programs shown above and pushed to the potential of each individual.

4. Elderly Care
This group is very fragile and their needs are our primary focus. In cultural concepts, we will treat each individual with care as if they were our own. They will be placed in foster families and get our support with food, clothing, medicines and housing.


To CHANGE ways people view and compare themselves to others. Education is the key to a better life.

1. Once the systems are in place, the focus will then turn to helping people understand key issues involved with reading, writing and math. People should be able to fill out forms, read a prescription, pay an invoice etc. Societies must stand up to challenges for individuals to become self-sufficient. Our goal is to bring more changes from governance, infrastructures, public health, social improvements and environment enhancements.

2. Simple knowledge of posters, Media training sessions and a curriculum in schools dealing in basic education are mandatory.

3. Teachers of these programs will be trained from universities programs in place elevating themselves to a higher quality of life. Trainees from educational faculties will be given a chance also to participate. (e.g. Teleconferencing, distance learning process etc…)

4. Reduce poverty in a time frame by requesting full cooperation for a better vision of tomorrow.

5. Ignorance, illiteracy, sickness are faces of poor people. They will be eliminated from our society by all means through module- programs (5 years time frame).

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