OUR CHALLENGE: Public Health
Our major challenge for many cities, villages and others around the world is to improve Public Health in developing countries. Such initiative clusters with reducing poverty and building a better future for tomorrow.
Our challenge is to get help to rural areas where most of indigenous people are devastated by national, tribal and civil wars. AIDS/HIV is not the only killer in the third world, malaria on small or big scale is taking so many lives without leaving out yellow fever, typhoid, tuberculosis, hepatitis, African sleeping diseases, leprosy and much, much more.
The lack of medical supplies, facilities and skilled medical personnel to provide care, has fueled Uzima International to combat these killers by structuring PREVENTION PLANS.

TO PREVENT MOST DISEASES by putting in place sanitation systems and solid waste managements in developing countries

Once the systems are in place, an assessment with be made to evaluate results Uzima International's actions and operations in several communities. Key health issues will be brought in the open. People will be educated how to stay healthy by showing, displaying and campaigning safe practices and behavioral changes from governance, infrastructure, public health, social improvements and environmental enhancements.

1. Simple knowledge with posters, Media training sessions and curriculum in schools for public hygiene is mandatory.

2. Leasing or building facilities for testing, maintaining and providing training to people who will be in charge of ongoing operations on a daily basis after ground preparations have taken place.

3. Punish or fine those individuals who willingly neglect not following what is required to reduce health hazards with local government.

4. Build capacity of certified inspectors to reinforce rules, and practice knowledge according to country standards.

5. Reduce poverty in a time frame by requesting full cooperation for a better practice to avoid increasing in number of diseases.

6. Prepare training for how to use bed nets, secure windows and ban any containers that foster mosquito reproduction. Spread of anvil (insecticide every 6 months)

7. Sick people are a burden, because all activities are shut down, so centers for diseases control are a must, with inspectors for a clean environment in place.


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