OUR CHALLENGE: Environment
Our most daunting task is the environment. We must work in collaboration with heads of governments in various cities, villages and elsewhere around the world to improve where we live and what Mother Nature gave us. Protection, cleanliness and safety will be implemented on all levels


1. Protection, it is our duty to protect what Mother Nature gave us. People have to learn to replace what is taken, such as tress for example. Yes we know that wood is needed for cooking, heating, making tools and building homes etc. If you do not pay attention to what we do with our environment we will be in trouble some day. Trees must be planted, and replanted. Water has to be well saved and distributed equally. Clean drinking and cooking water can be obtained with simple method of filtering it. Programs to teach people HOW and WHAT to do will be put in place.

2. Cleaning, we must avoid polluting our environment; here experts will be needed to achieve what is taken in place to have clean water, air and safe surroundings.

3. Safety. Bad habits such poisoning river waters to kill and catch fish for food must stop. This type of practice has failed to control our ecology and puts us in danger of loosing some particular species with Batwa. They go hunting for food and kill some rare species that we cannot retrieve from Mother Nature.


To Change people's view of their habitat.

1. Clean water and pure air are basic elements to our way of living and outlook on life. Simple knowledge of posters, Media training sessions and curriculum in schools for basic education skills on environment and its own protection must be implemented in communities.

2. Government should lead in this area by teaching, regulating laws for environmental protection and reinforcing them by punishing any environmental degradation.

3. Reduce poverty in a time frame by requesting full cooperation for a better future.

4. Ignorance, illiteracy, sickness are faces of poor people. They will be eliminated from our society by all means.


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